Zortrax M300 Dual 3D Printer

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With the Zortrax M300 Dual desktop 3D FDM extrusion Plug&play printer large objects, up to even 265 x 265 x 300 mm can be printed. It has a double extrusion capacity, thanks to which it can simultaneously 3D print plastic filament with water-soluble filament, and in this way it can achive the most complex functional parts. This printer is equipped with advanced filament control, that means, if the filament's jammed, run out, or when the nozzle got clogged, the M300 automtically pauses the print. 





In case of power outage, this printer can detect it, and resume the printing from the same spot when the power is back on.

It also has: interchangeable glass or perforated printing trays with automatic calibration, a large color touch screen, USB and WIFI connectivity and an integrated camera of an improved cooling system of the extruder.







Industrial quality double extrusion

3D printing in double extrusion mode with water-soluble support material is possible thanks to the LPD Plus technology, with which the Zortrax M300 Dual is working. It can simultaneously print basic filaments, like for example HIPS, ABS, Nylon, and supports, allowing large parts to be made with complex internal geometries. Quickly dissolving is possible thanks to the  Z-SUPPORT Premium filament and leaves no trace on the pattern. 





Plug & Play 3D printer

The Plug & Play character makes the Zortrax 3D printers widely recognized. To launch these prints there is a need of just a few minutes, whether by Wifi, USB key or Ethernet.

Capacitive sensor for automatic calibration

Regardless of the type of printing plate installed, a displacement sensor allows automatic plate calibration. This 3D printer also provides a glass tray.





Integrated control camera

In the M300 Dual there is an integrated camera, which makes followable the printing process and also recorded it, so the presence of a human next to the machine is not necessary.














3D Printer

Print technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Buildplate volume 265 x 265 x 300 mm
Extruder Dual, printing with model and support material
Layer resolution 100 - 300 microns
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm

Technical Data

Dedicated for single extrusion Z-NYLON, Z-ULTRAT, Z-PETG, Z-GLASS, Z-PLA
Dedicated for dual extrusion Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-ULTRAT PLUS, Z-SUPPORT PREMIUM
External materials Compatible
Max. extruder temperature 310 °C
Max. platform temperature 105 °C
Ambient operation temperature 20 - 30 °C
Storage temperature 0 - 35 °C


Version Z-suite 2
Supported file types .stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
Compatible Mac OS X, Windows 7 and more
Connectivity WI-FI, ethernet, USB