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The Medit Solutionix C500 is an industrial 3D scanner made by Solutionix, a manufacturer from South Korea. This 3D scanner uses blue LED technology to capture objects in 3D. It is an upgrade of the Solutionix Rexcan CS2+. TheSolutionix C500 provides four different 3D scanning areas to adapt to different situations. With the C500, it is possible to automatically set the brightness with a 'one-time' click of the mouse button without setting the brightness of the scan object before hand. The ‘Batch Process’ function allows users to perform all the functions from scan to data extraction at once, providing an easy and convenient scanning experience for all users.Depending on the complexity of the scan object, it may require a different scanning path. Flexibility of the scanning path generation makes it easy for users to make their own scanning paths, allowing repeated data collection on various object sizes and shapes.Users can use the API provided by Solutionix to control the C500 and process its scan data. In addition, it enables users to create their own scan application programs using various software and plug-in processes. The scanner head can also be used separately for various application fields and can be attached to robot arms or other instrumental devices.Once the calibration panel is installed, clicking the calibration wizard will guide you through an automated calibration process.The whole calibration process may have been essential, but was difficult for users to follow. Now you will experience a genuinely user-friendly system and a fully automated procedure leading to extreme convenience.3D scanning does not always take much work. With a single mouse click, users can get their whole object scanning done very easily and quickly. Another click to actively synchronize the model and
camera views, enabling users to recognize any scanning position and to add more scans where it may be needed.What if you need to scan objects that exceed the size or weight limit the TA300+ can handle? Don’t worry, the scanner sensor can be easily detached from the C500 stand and then installed on atripod or a different stand for manual scanning.The C500 is capable of performing scanning tasks easily and rapidly.
Solutionix’s 3-axis turntable (TA300+) can effectively capture areas beyond the pre-existing limits. The TA300+ is optimized for automatic scanning of small and medium sized objects and can hold objects up to 10kg. Thanks to the TA300+, it is possible to work in cramped conditions without much difficulty.
Rotation Axis : Provides ± 180° movement
Rotation (Base) Axis : Provides ± 175° movement
Swing Axis : Provides ± 40° movement.The Solutionix C500 can be used in various industries, with a total of 4 different types of scan areas from 90mm to 500mm for maximum efficiency in each industrial sector. For user convenience, the C500 is designed to allow you to easily change the measurement area by simply replacing the projector and camera lens.In order to maximize convenience, the C500 was designed as a portable desktop scanner and can be easily built and placed on office desks. The scanner will allow users to perform scanning tasks without having to move away from the desk area.The Solutionix C500 is mainly used in “Quality Inspection” or “Reverse Engineering” because of the ability to acquire high precision scan data easily and quickly. The Solutionix C500 has added a new function to acquire high-resolution color information to utilize it in 3D printing,CG, and web-based real 3D data field.



3D Scanner

Camera resolution 2 X 5.0 MP
Point spacing 0.028 – 0.11 mm
Scanning area 90 / 175 / 350 mm
Scanning principle Phase-shifting optical triangulation
Dimension 315 X 270 X 80 mm (Scanner only)
Weight 2.3 Kg (Scanner only)
Light source Blue LED
Interface USB 3.0 B Type
Power AC 85-265V, 50-60 Hz