Huvitz HDS-5800 Series

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The HDS series offers the widest magnification range with just only one zoom lens. It is considered one of the most versatile microscopes, because all of the functions for observation, reporting and measurement have been integrated into a single unit. HDS-5800 was the first in the world that was able to convert the magnification from 50x to 5800x, with a zoom lens. 

The HDS system has the following components: high resolution optics, hight resolution LCD image display, image processing software and precise digital image capture. The image processing includes 2D image capture, 3D image creation and very accurate measurement profiles for height, volume, angles and lenght. Through on click it is possible to generate and observe full-focused expansion 3D display.






Magnification (Zoom lens 25x - 200x)

Optical Magnification 0.44x - 3.56x
Total Magnification 25x - 200x
Field of view 20.27mm - 2.53mm
Working Distance 36mm
Iris Yes

Magnification (Zoom lens 50x - 5800x)

Optical Magnification 0.711x - 103.111x
Total Magnification 50x - 5800x
Field of view 12.375mm - 0.085mm
Working Distance 10mm


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