Technomat Pressure Pot

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Technomat - Pressure polymerization device for cold curing mounting resins for material testing

The physical and chemical properties of the resin are fully preserved. Polymerization of the resins in the Technomat creates bubble-free and therefore higher quality test specimens. The use of the Technomat brings optimal sample results with all cold curing mounting resins, especially with transparent Technovit resins.


Technomat - Pressure polymerization device

The Technomat is a compact pressure polymerization device that is matched to the special technology of cold curing mounting resins.
The pressurization of 2.0 bar particularly takes into account the polymerization behavior of the cold curing Technovit resins as test aids for materialographic specimen and  surface imprints in material testing.There is no odor nuisance during the polymerization.


Tehnical specifications