Microdiamant SQUADRO Grinding Pads

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Fine grinding with unmatched precision SQUADRO-M and SQUADRO-H enable fine grinding
of various materials with diamond micron sizes down to 3 μm and matches surface qualities
previously only achieved with lapping processes – easy, clean, efficient.


Innovative design SQUADRO diamond grinding pads consist of micron diamond abrasives
embedded in a structured matrix of high-performance polymers. The resin structures are
mounted on a textile base, which absorbs vibrations and thus improves surface quality.


Precision graded micron diamond sizes A narrow particle size distribution allows for both
superior surface quality and highest material removal rate.


Easy handling SQUADRO can be used on any standard lapping or polishing machine. The
mounting options (stainless steel carrier or self-adhesive backing) are designed for quick and
easy changes of grit size.


Long tool life The massive abrasive layer allows for long tool life, minimal set-up time and
low process cost.


Self-sharpening SQUADRO diamond grinding pads can be used out of the box without
dressing. Thanks to the self-sharpening bond system, the diamond grinding pads do not
require conditioning during the process to continuously achieve excellent grinding results.

Clean process Working with SQUADRO is environmentally friendly and clean. Cooling is done
by water or our lubricant LUBX20, no diamond slurries or lubricants are needed.

Versatile SQUADRO can be used to grind a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless
steel, steel alloys, optical glasses, various crystals, industrial ceramics, ceramic seals and
other materials.






Diameter 200/ 250/ 300/ 350 mm
Diamond size 60 μm/ 30 μm/ 15 μm/ 6 μm/ 3 μm
Bond type SQUADRO-M: resin, medium hard; SQUADRO-H: resin, hard
Base textile base
Mounting stainless steel carrier/ self-adhesive (PSA)
Abrasive layer thickness 0,4 mm