MTDI Daimo-100F Auto Precision Diamond cutter

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  • 12 month warrenty


Daimo-100F is multi-functional automatic precision cutter and can be used in various ways. Daimo-100F is an intelligent cutter to minimize a material damage. Daimo-100F is very useful for precision cutting and accurate microstructure observation.



Main Frame

Size 400mmW x 540mmD x 400mmH
Electric 220V, Single phase, 60Hz, 2A
Wheel size(Arbor) 4, 5, 6, 7 inch (12.7mm, 1/2”)
Wheel speed 100~1,000rpm(Unit step: 10rpm)
Acrylic cover
Cut-off completion detecting sensor
Cover Open Detecting Sensor
Probable cut-off specimen size 30φ (5” wheel usage), Maximum installation - 200mm or less
Cut-off thickness control by unit step 0.001mm, Maximum 25mm
Oil tank: 5liter
Control button Touch screen type control panel
Gravity cut-off using weight


Technical data