LAM PLAN CUTLAM® micro 1.1

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  • 12 months warranty


CUTLAM® micro 1.1 is a laboratory micro-cutting machine, economical and easy to use. It was designed for precision cuts of sensitive materials. 

You are able to use it for many applications with a variety of cutting wheels up to 150 mm diameter, due to its speed range and cutting chamber capacity. The work piece is held by a vice-holding and the knob, which is located outside of the cutting chamber, permits a micro metric movement of the Z-axis.

A sliding weight system controls the cutting feed, allowing you to fine-tune the load applied for delicate and slow cuts. CUTLAM® is stable and vibration free, based on a robust aluminium frame with painted metal body. In case of an opening, the cutting wheel motor is immediately stopped, thanks to a safety device which is fitted on the hood.




Technical Data

Wheel Ø 75 to 150 mm
Shaft Ø 12.7 mm
Standard flanges Ø 50 mm
Lateral arm displacement Stroke 25 mm (accurate 0.02 mm)
Preload weight 1 x 200 g
Vertical movement Manual
Motor power 0.18 kW
Rotational speed Variable, from 50 to 1500 rpm
Protection Transparent cover with locking system
Voltage 230 V - 50 Hz single phase
Dimensions (W x H x D) 390 x 390 x 340 mm (H cover open: 630 mm)
Weight 25 kg
Reference 60 CTM 10 00
Lubrication/Cooling Recirculation system, 10 liters, 800 L/hour pump driven by the machine
Body Steel coated with epoxy paint