MTDI Fobos-362S Individual Loading Auto Head

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  • 12 month warranty


Fobos-362S is a polishing head for specimens’ surface polishing and can be used in combination with a manual polisher. Fobos-362S consists of individual load applying system using air pressure cylinder. Specimens can be mounted from 30mm to 50mm according to the kind of holder. All set-point has installed in polisher control panel such as spin speed, load, and set-point save & load, etc.




Operation 80W BLDC motor & drive
Proportional valve & Regulator
Main shaft moving cylinder
Holder size 25~ 38mm (User Selection) ; 40 ~ 50mm (Option)
Specimen amount 1 ~ 6EA (Changeable)
Load Maximum 5kgf using air pressure cylinder
Spin speed 10 ~ 200 RPM(10RPM step)
Polishing time set-up 0 ~ 9,999sec (Unit step: 1sec)


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