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  • 12 months warranty


SMARTLAM®3.0  is an ergonomic solution in terms of automatic pre-polishing and polishing of metallographic samples. It is equipped with an individual pneumatic pressure system and a new specific motorised head, composed with 3 cells sample-holder. The moto reducer group has a high torque, the rotation and the speed can be set. A great polishing regularity is assured by the individual pneumatic pressure system, which is handheld by the electronic proportional valve. The pressure applied per sample goes from 5 to 60 N. 




The reliable and proven base of the SMARTLAM®2.0 is used by the SMARTLAM®3.0 and from it conserves all the assets for a manual use. The plate's rotation and speed can be set from 20 to 650 rpm.

Due to its strategically placed power supply on the side of the machine, the automatic motorised head is compactness. The head rotates to free the workspace and allows the easy change of the polishing support and the cleaning of the plate and bowl.







Technical Data

Plate capacity Ø200 to 300 mm
Body Steel coated with epoxy paint
Bowl Removable resin basin for easy cleaning
Controls 3.5" touch screen to control the machine: start/stop, timer, speed and direction of plate, water solenoid valve
Plate rotation speed Variable from 20 to 650 rpm
Rotation Clockwise / counter-clockwise
Programming Loads 9 programs
Connection Slave connector for dosing unit
Water inlet Removable pipe with flow-rate adjustment and safety solenoid valve
Power max 0.75 kW
Voltage 230 V - 50 Hz single-phase
Dimensions (W x H x D) 580 mm x 570 mm x 670 mm
Weight 65 kg
Reference 60 SL220 00
Pneumatic feed 6 bars, filtered 50 μm