MTDI Etos-300 Multi-channel Auto Hot Mounting Press

  • 12 month warranty


Etos-300 is max six specimens molding machine at the same time for tiny and unwieldy specimens to make a fixed size for easy handling. Etos-300 can be mold various material such metal, plastic, ceramic, etc. Etos-300 consists of a hydraulic device, 10” touch screen, and soft touch button for easy command input mode and progress checking. And also, this has all-in-one device (heaters and cylinders) for efficiency.




Size 1,410mmW X 800Dmm X 1,550mmH
Electric 220V, 60Hz, 3 phases, 60A
Pressure method Automatic hydraulic method
Mold type Cylindrical type - 6 hole/set
Air cooling system to prevent internal temperature rise
Mold size 25mm ~ 38mm diameter selection (Option 40mm, 50mm)
Thermocouple K type
Mold heater 1.6kw , 220 V
Automatic cooling after occurrence of malfunction
Upper cap material Bakelite, Mold number intaglio seal
Molded specimen storage
Automatic pressure removal after molding completion
Maximum heating temperature Maximum 250 C
Maximum temperature/pressure limit alarm/cancel release
All-in-one heater for heating and cooling to detect temperature
Cooling method Water cooling by solenoid valve
Control panel 10” Touch screen type
Molding condition set-up and checking (Cooling, Pre-heating, Load, Maintenance)
Molding progress status
Cylinder manual Up/Down
Manual coolant and cooling fan On/Off
Pressure and temperature limit
Saving memory 30 channels
Emergency stop All stop initialization
Transparent tempered window, wheels for movement, and Maintenance door
LED installation for internal observation and maintenance
Mold pre-heating after molding completion


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