300 CL-CP - Diamond Band Saw

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  • 12 month warranty


The high-precision EXAKT 300 Diamond Band Saw is excellently suitable for cutting a wide variety of different materials and material combinations. This results in smooth, coplanar cuts which, depending on the material and the grit of the diamond band used, fulfill the most stringent roughness value requirements.

The EXAKT 300 is supplied with a parallel guide and tailstock and is ideal for use in laboratories thanks to its compact size. The tailstock can be outfitted with a wide variety of different sample holders in such a way that samples of many different shapes and compositions can be attached securely. An available option for the tailstock is CP mode, i.e. the sample can continuously oscillate in different deflections. This process achieves even better roughness values and enables up to 10 times faster cutting.




Footprint (W x D x H mm) 1,000 x 800 x 850
Height (mm) 800
Working height (mm) 350
Base unit weight (kg) approx. 50
Cutting band speed (m/min) 10–560

Sample processing dimensions

Max. cutting height (mm) 100
Max. cutting width (mm) 70

Coolant/lubricant supply

Flow water connection (dia. mm) 6
Return water connection (dia. mm) 14
Max. water fill (l) approx. 5
Circulating pump yes
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 40

Electrical connection

Version 1: Voltage (V) 1 x 220–240
Frequency (Hz) 50–60
Output (W) 120
Version 2: Voltage (V) 1 x 100–110
Frequency (Hz) 50–60
Output (W) 120