400CS-Micro Grinder

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The micro-grinding system EXAKT 400 CS is of paramount importance in the sample preparation process of coplanar thin sections in a thickness of down to 10 microns. The high-precision engineered system is based on a user-friendly machine concept. The electronic control of the grinding process allows μ-accurate and reproducible results. The material layer thickness to be romoved is conveniently entered on the controller display. The grinding process ends automatically upon reaching the setpoint value entered. Absolutely coplanar and with a polished finish the bestpossible surface quality can be achieved and samples with tolerances below 5 μm beprecisely produced.




Installation area (W x D x H mm) 1000 x 800 x 700
Hight (mm) 600
Operating hight (mm) 270
approx. weight (kg) ca. 90


Water connection – Inlet (Ø mm) 6
Water connection – Outlet (Ø mm) 24
max ambiente temperature (°C) 40

Electrical connection

Version 1: Voltage (V) 1 x 220–240
Frequency (Hz) 50–60
Power (W) 150
Version 2: Voltage (V) 1 x 100–110
Frequency (Hz) 50–60
Power (W) 150