Hirox Nano Point Scanner NPS

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             NPS - when metrology meets microscopy




Nano Point Scanner + Hirox RH-2000:


NPS White Light Confocal Profilometry

  • Submicron Z precision
  • Ultra fast profiling
  • ISO certified measurement
  • Automatization & reports

Hirox 3D Digital Microscopy

  • High resolution image quality
  • Ultra fast 3D stacking
  • Multiple lighting possibilities
  • Full flexibility: sample & stand




Introduction of the Nano Point Scanner (NPS)


The NPS is an non-contact innovative confocal 3D profilometer, which measures altitude in real time, for profile or surface measurements. 

  1.  The white light LED beam is projected to the surface of the sample through a beamsplitter and a chromatic lens.
  2.  The reflected light beam from the sample is filtered in a confocal pinhole, isolating one single wavelength in perfect focus.
  3.  This wavelength is accurately translated into height information and display it visually in the NPS software by the NPS spectrometer.
  4.  Up to 2000 height information per second are acquired in real time creating a profile when moving the XY stage.

You can select between two modes: Profile or Surface.


High speed profil (1 axis scan)


By moving the sample with the high precision motorized XY stage in one axis, the NPS acquires a series of focused points at a chosen interval, creating a fast profle: the measurement of height, distance, radius, line roughness (Ra, Rz, Rt,...) and much more can be done within seconds!


High resolution surface (2 axis scan)


By creating a series of aligned profles, the NPS acquires XYZ information creating a high resolution 3D surface: volume, surface roughness (Sa, Sz,...), complex shape, 3D waviness and much more can be measured – the duration of the scan is adjusted by the amount of lines, scanning speed and the dimension of the sample!





Works on any type of surface


The confocal system generates a sharply focused observation plane. Points located above or below the object surface are completely out of focus, so that the type of material does not matter: the sample can be mirror, shinny, refective or rough, it can be opaque or completely transparent.


Quality and standards compliance - ISO


White light chromatic confocal technology is ISO certifed for roughness measurement and is currently used by many companies and research centers all over the world. The NPS allows high precision XYZ axis measurement beyond the limitation of optical depth of feld.


Wide range of measurements



Unlimited applications


Aerospace                        Semiconductor                Archeology
Automotive                      Micro Electronics             Art Restauration
Optical Lens                     Mobile Phone                   Security printing
Watch Makers                  Displays                             Rasor Blades



The NPS sensors


The NPS System provides a wide range of sensors to achieve seamless highly accurate measurement. Depending on your application, you can select the best sensors for your needs: small measuring range for highest accuracy and roughness measurement or large measuring range for tall sample and form measurements.








Hirox maps mountains technology


The Mountains technology is the most advanced metrology solution on the market:
- Real time imaging of 3D surface topography
- 3D surface overlays for fast feature location: height color + intensity images from the NPS combined
- Remove data acquisition and sample artifacts
- Extraction of area, Level correction, Shape Correction
- Full measurement suite on profles and 3D data with user and process tracability




Powerful & simple


While many functions involve complex calculations, every effort is made to ensure that accessing and using these functions is as easy as possible. Also, once a measurement report has been done, all the parameters used can be easily applied to a new sample with tolerance limits showing in green / red. Every report can then become a measurement template for fast and easy workfow with fail / pass!





Easy reporting


  • Easy integration into lab and production environments - export of all numerical results.
  •  Easy publication - export analysis documents, pages and individual images up to 1200 dpi.


Form removal & non measured points


The NPS software always exports unprocessed raw data, which can then be fltered in Hirox Maps. You can for example display or fill the non measured points, but also remove the form to keep only the surface.




System configuration