Kreon Ace Skyline Measuring Arm



The Ace Skyline helps you to save more time, thanks to the advanced scanning speed. The number of scan decreases due to the large laser line and high frequency, and make also the scanner movement faster to acquire dense point clouds in a blink of an eye.






Removable scanner without any tools to switch quickly from scanning to probing.

Probe directly with the scanner to probe and scan in the same measuring range.





            Lightweight mobile parts to scan                             longer without effort.



Whatever the appearence, color or brightness, the Ace Skyline is ready for any surface. With challenging materials, like dark glossy, shiny or carbon surfaces, the blue laser technology and HD camera will easily deal. 







The exact reality can be scanned at high resolution and high accuracy. High resolution is provided by the Skyline scanner to capture the tiniest details, and high accuracy to closely reflects reality.


Skyline scanners range delivers stunning performances.


Speed: 600,000 pts/sec

         Accuracy: 09 µm

        Laser line width: 200 mm

                 Frequency: 300 Hz




Specifications Ace-7-20

Axes 7
Working volume 2 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.038 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.048 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.047 mm
Single point repeatability 0.022 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.032 mm

Specifications Ace-7-25

Axes 7
Working volume 2.5 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.044 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.048 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.053 mm
Single point repeatability 0.027 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.038 mm

Specifications Ace-7-30

Axes 7
Working volume 3 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.057 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.061 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.066 mm
Single point repeatability 0.042 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.051 mm

Specifications Ace-7-35

Axes 7
Working volume 3.5 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.068 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.072 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.077 mm
Single point repeatability 0.054 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.062 mm

Specifications Ace-7-40

Axes 7
Working volume 4 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.080 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.084 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.089 mm
Single point repeatability 0.069 mm
Volume accuracy 0.074 mm

Specifications Ace-7-45

Axes 7
Working volume 4.5 m
Ace Skyline Eyes 0.095 mm
Ace Skyline Wide 0.099 mm
Ace Skyline Open 0.104 mm
Single point repeatability 0.078 mm
Volume accuracy 0.089 mm