Scantech KSCAN Magic



The first introduction of infrared laser + blue laser technology is given by the composite 3D scanner KSCAN Magic.

It has the following 5 standard working modes: 

  • Global initiative infrared laser large area scanning;

  • Blue laser crosses fast scanning;

  • Blue parallel laser fine scanning;

  • Single blue laser deep hole scanning;

  • Built-in photogrammetry system;


The 3D measurement workflows are optimized thanks to the scanner unparalleled scanning speed, to its accuracy, detailing, scanning area and depth of field.






Infrared laser scanning technology is innovatively adopted by the KSCAN-Magic. 











The KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner has 41 laser lines. Thanks to that it delivers ultra-fast scanning rate of 1,350,000 measurements/s. 

Different application needs are satisfied just by switching the scanning modes, and in this way improves working efficiency.






It can easily capture every detail with resolution of 0.010 mm and it can accurately obtain comlete data on the surface of complex objects, under hyperfine scanning mode. 








3D Scanner

Resolution Up to 0.010 mm
Scanning area Up to 1440 mm × 860 mm
Scanning rate Up to 1,350,000 measurements/s
Accuracy 0.020 mm
Laser lines in total 41
Interface USB 3.0

Scan mode

Ultra-fast scanning 11 blue laser crosses (+ 1 extra blue laser line)
Hyperfine scanning 7 blue parallel laser lines
Large area scanning 11 parallel infrared laser lines
Deep hole scanning Support