EasyTom XL

  • 12 month warranty


EasyTom XL

High Resolution X-Ray Micro or Nano CT System,Very Large step-in cabinet

Highly flexible X-ray CT system with very large inspection volume. Six linear motorized axes enabling optimized magnification for various sample types and scanning configuration. EasyTom XL is available in different configurations: Micro-focus, Nano-focus or Dual Tube.


     EasyTom XL Micro 

EasyTom XL Micro Benefits

  • Scan heavy samples (up to 100kg)

  • Multiple micro-focus tube configurations up to 230 kV: Possibility of choosing the most suitable X-Ray source for your samples and applications

  • Highest Resolution 3D CT:4 µm

  • Achieve high resolution scans within the shortest time (6s): reduces the time to market and enhances the quality of your components 

  • Automated scanning reconstruction and inspection workflow

  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance.

     EasyTom XL Ultra 

       EasyTom XL Ultra Benefits 

  • The only step-in cabinet allowing a combination of high power and high resolution X-Ray sources: nano-focus160 kV & micro-focus 230 kV

  • Highest Resolution 3D CT: 0.35 µm

  • High precision granite table that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders

  • Ideal for in-situ CT experiments

  • Innovative design that minimizes system downtime and required maintenance.



                                                                                                             Software Key Features

  • Large variety of acquisition modes: conventional, helical, laminography, shift and stack modes 

  • Programmable automatic calibration and stabilisation

  • Remote control, scripting and serial communication

  • Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the sample reconstruction volume

  • Semi-automated wizard enabling non expert users to get satisfying results

  • Powerful and easy to use reconstruction artefacts correction algorithms

  • Open tube interactive autofocus

                                                                                                              X-Act CT Software

                                                                                In-House CT Acquisition and Reconstruction Software

​Every CT system from RX Solutions has been developed for applications in various industrial fields : research & development, process monitoring, quality controls, defect analysis or CT metrology. The innovative RX Solutions X-Act software runs in any system and allows easy and intuitive CT settings.

The software, entirely developed by RX Solutions is an innovative and customer friendly solution to control our X-ray equipment. CT acquisition, 3D reconstruction and image processing can entirely be performed by X-Act.

RX Solutions in-house software X-Act​ Benefits: 

X-Act CT Acquisition

  • CT Acquisition Modes: conventional, helical, stack, laminography, continuous or step by step  rotation 

  • Semi-automated wizard mode for non experts, Learning/Macros mode for automated workflow 

  • 3D measurements, video sequence acquisition, radiography filter enhancement

  • Automatic black and gain calibration & sample repositioning

X-Act CT Reconstruction

  • Real time artefact correction: focal spot drift, bad pixel, beam hardening, phase contrast

  • Geometry compensation: automatic or guided correction of the rotation  center

  • Easy and intuitive 3D optimization of the  reconstruction volume using test slices

  • Preliminary reconstruction of a running acquisition


X-Act​ CTArt : Advanced Artefact Corrections

Phase Contrast Removal

High resolution in X-Ray µCT generally means the occurrence of small angle scattering also known as phase contrast artefacts, especially with low absorbing materials. Phase signal contributions are no longer negligible regarding the X-Ray absorption, resulting in a new contrast phenomena that offers edges enhancements, but a lower absorption contrast between phases.

Beam Hardening Correction

This correction allows you remove beam artefacts from your component without having a proper spectrum estimation. It's a user-guided algorithm offering a simple way to compute the estimated absorption photons curve and correct the image deviation.

Ring Artefact Removal

Ring artefacts result from a non-linear response of the detector which generates circular artefacts centered on the rotation axis. This correction works directly on the projections and preserves the image features/resolution. 




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