Clemex Inclusion Rating



By analyzing inclusions in steel with impressive speed, accuracy and repeatability, Clemex CIR helps quality control laboratories vastly improve their productivity. The inclusion rating software will allow you to reduce analysis time to less than 2 minutes for a 160 mm2 area with minimal user intervention, being very simple to operate.



The automated image analysis system is designed to detect the following inclusions and rate them according to most recognized standards: sulfides, aluminates, silicates, globular oxides, single globulars, borides, carbides, nitrides, and carbonitrides. 



Map of entire sample


Locates and maps inclusions of the entire sample area, aligned horizontally or vertically. Worst fields are identified rapidly and artifacts can be removed. Operators navigate from one sample to the other with ease.



Classify oxydes and sulfides


To detect oxydes and sulfides accurately, adjust the thresholding. Eliminate fine artifacts and scratches.




Floating worst fileds


ASTM, ISO or DIN worst fields are identified automatically. Using colors that correspond to inclusion types, worst fields are displayed on the sample map.








 Using a very simple workflow, Increase productivity in a high throughput lab. The operator must follows a 3-step procedure to obtain repeatable results: 

  • Position a sample on the stage
  • Start an analysis on the sample
  • Review data and export results