Hirox RH-2000

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Super fast USB3 connection to any PC

Freedom to choose Fast PC, Full HD Screen, Windows 7, 8 or 10, desktop or laptop*, via an ultra fast and universal USB3 connection up to 5Gb/s.The obsolescence is therefore limited, and offers endless future updates.And thanks to the touch screen you can enjoy an even higher comfort of use!



Auto focus - Multifocus

Ultra fast auto-focus and multi-focus! Get a fully focussed image with one click thanks to our high speed algorithm and very accurate motorized Z-axis movements (50 nanometers per step).




High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Save time by quickly optimizing the image. With
1 click, the HDR function creates an image with the perfect exposition by combining many levels of light intensity: all information in the highlights and the dark areas is captured without any difficulty.






Magnification (+5 lens)

Max.-min. 133.1 max
Working Distance 200mm
FOV (Field of view) [mm] 3.99 x 2.239
DOF (min. zoom) [mm] 78
DOF (max. zoom) [mm] 0.5

Magnification (+10 lens)

Max.-min. 259.4 max
Working Distance 100mm
FOV (Field of view) [mm] 2.047 x 1.149
DOF (min. zoom) [mm] 57
DOF (max. zoom) [mm] 0.2

Magnification (+10 Plan 1x)

Max.-min. 266.6 max
Working Distance 76mm
FOV (Field of view) [mm] 1.992 x 1.118
DOF (min. zoom) [mm] 40
DOF (max. zoom) [mm] 0.2

Magnification (+25 lens)

Max.-min. 662.4 max
Working Distance 35.1mm
FOV (Field of view) [mm] 1.992 x 1.118
DOF (min. zoom) [mm] 0.025
DOF (max. zoom) [mm] 0.01