Nikon SMZ1270i

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The SMZ 1270i offers a zoom ratio of 12.7:1, which is considered the highest-in-class. Easy confirmation of observation targets i possible thanks to the wide viewfield at low magnification.

Automatic detection of magnification data is enabled thanks to the intelligent functions with which SMZ1270i is equipped. It is also equipped with trinocular tilting tube, intelligent nosepiece and LED diascopic illumination stand.

To achieve high-level chromatic aberration correction apochromat optics have been adopted for the lenses in the SMZ1270/1270i zoom body. Due to this, sharp images without blur or color fringe are provided.







Optical Data

Optical System Parallel-optics type
Zoom Ratio 12.7:1 (0.63x-8x)
Total Magnification 80x
Object Field -
Working Distance 70mm

Optics Carrier

Observation Tube Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube

Objective Lens

Achromat -
Plan Achromat -
Plan Apochromat 0.5x| 0.75x| 1x

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H) 300mm x 337mm x 434mm
Weight 11.9 Kg