Nikon SMZ25

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An all-new stereo microscope has developed by Nikon. This one features a large zoom ratio of 25:1, exceptional fluorescence transmission capability and high resolution. 

SMZ25 has motorized zoom model with the highest zoom ratio and resolution in the SMZ series.

Below you can see a comparison of resolution and color aberration by resolution chart between SMZ25 and a conventional model:



                                                                   SMZ25                                                Conventional model


 The first stereo microscope in the world that use a fly-eye lens on an epi-fluorescence attachment is the SMZ25. Due to this innovative design, brightness and uniform illumination even at low magnifications is ensured, and that results in uncompromised uniformity in brightness across a large field of view. 




Optical Data

Optical System Parallel-optics type
Zoom Ratio 25:1 (0.63x-15.75x)
Total Magnification 157x
Object Field -
Working Distance 60mm

Optics Carrier

Observation Tube Trinocular Tilting Observation Tube (inclination angle: 0-30 degree)

Objective Lens

Achromat -
Plan Achromat -
Plan Apochromat 0.5x| 1x| 1.6x| 2x

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H) 298 mm x 514 mm x 569 mm
Weight 32 Kg