Zeiss SteREO Discovery.V12

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Into the microscope software ZEN and AxioVisionare are fully integrated the motorized components of SteREO Discovery.V12: document and measure sample reproducibly. SteREO Discovery.V12 grows resolution and quality assurance. It has an external touch panel SYCOP, which controls all the essential functions of the microscope, like: 

  • magnification
  • focus
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • etc.


This SYCOP concept makes the work easier: thanks to this, one can use all the essential functions of the microscope, without moving the eye from the eyepiece. All the components can be controlled with the help of the joystick and touch screen, or individual function can be assigned to the buttons. The SYCOP can be positioned wherever you want it. 






Optical Data

Optical System CMO
Zoom Ratio 12:1 (0.8x-10x)
Total Magnification 100x
Object Field ∅28.8mm-∅2.3mm
Working Distance 81mm

Optics Carrier

Observation Tube Binocular

Objective Lens

Achromat 0.3x| 0.5x| 0.63x| 1.0x| 1.25x| 1.5x
Plan Achromat -
Plan Apochromat 0.63x | 1.0x| 1.5x| 2.3x

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H) 538mm x 346mm x 520mm
Weight 27.5 Kg