MTDI Fobos-200E Grinder/Polisher

  • 12 month warranty


Fobos-200E is a polisher for microstructure observation and hardness measurement of all material such as metal, etc. MP-200E has applied analogue type control method and has mounted on hardened anodizing aluminum disc (Basic 8”: 200mm). The discs can be control individually.




Size 790mmW x 630mmD x 320mmH
Electric Single phase, 220V, 3A
Motor 200W BLDC motor
Disc size 8” (Basic: 200mm, Option: 305mm, 250mm), Hardened anodizing Al plate
Disc spin speed 50 ~ 500 RPM
Disc setting Excellent flatness using 3-point supporting method
Controller Knob type
Power On/Off
Spin speed set-up
Spin direction set-up
Water On/Off
Coolant Solenoid valve & Needle valve
Accessories Splash-proof ring, Protection cover, Inlet/Outlet line, Paper locking ring


Technical data